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Pastor Appreciation


Pastor Appreciation Event Interest Form

We are planning a Paster Appreciation event and would love for you join us! All members of your pastoral staff (including youth ministers) are welcome to attend. Complete the form below and you’ll be among the first to hear more and receive an invitation.

If you have questions, please contact April Pearson at (256) 365-1317.

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Know Your Positive Impact

How Your Support Impacts Our Community

The United States Census reports that 89,496 people live in Cullman county and that 45,195 (50.5%) of the population are female.

Of the Cullman county population, 12,549 (14.1%) do not have health insurance, and 11,187 (12.5%) live in poverty. Source

Based on these statistics, as many as 5,649 women in Cullman county may live in poverty without health insurance. This doesn’t include teen pregnancies, which account for roughly 40% of the clients we see at First Source for Women. Without resources and support, unplanned pregnancies can feel like an overwhelming challenge to these women. They need safe and private aid to thrive during and after their pregnancy.

First Source for Women is a nonprofit pregnancy resource center that provides free life-affirming pregnancy services to women and their families in our community. Our mission is to make it possible for women to choose life for their babies through practical resources, education and support.

We’re grateful for your consideration in supporting First Source for Women so we can continue to provide vital services in our community.

One Way We’re Serving

A positive pregnancy test is a pretty good indication of pregnancy. Still, an ultrasound can verify pregnancy and determine a baby’s gestational age. First Source for Women offers free pregnancy tests and free limited ultrasound examinations by trained sonographers at our Cullman and Hanceville offices, and through our mobile ultrasound unit.

Once a pregnancy is verified, we help women with tough decisions and next steps. Our promise to our community is to always offer:

  • A safe environment.
  • No-cost life-affirming care.
  • Confidential appointments.
  • Understanding and support.
  • Pregnancy and parenting education.
  • Connection to community resources.
young women waits for pregnancy test results

Why Attend and Support First Source for Women?

Did you know statistics show that around 50% of pregnancies are unplanned? Last year, First Source for Women served 330 women in our community, many were unplanned, and often unwanted, pregnancies.

And our work is only beginning. With the recent changes in Alabama abortion law, more women than ever in our community need our help to navigate their options and life-saving choices. To make that possible, we need your help.

With your donation through this fundraiser, we can continue to reach and serve pregnant women and families in our community with pregnancy services, information, counseling, and supplies.